6 Tips on How To Grow Your Painting Business

Establishing your house painting business holds the potential to make a really good income while pursuing your passion. However, growing your business is also as important as establishing it. Growth will not only increase your profit but also offers an opportunity for your employees to progress in their career as well as creating more jobs in the community.

6 Tips to Grow your House Painting BusinessLearn New Things

  1. Learning new things: isn’t just when you start your business but a continuous process that’s necessary for your home painting business to grow. Aside from your skills and knowledge in home painting, you also need to learn how to effectively calculate project costs and estimates as well as communicate with clients. As time changes, it would be essential to learn new things that will keep your business updated with current product and marketing trends. Fortunately, all these things can be learned and you will be able to set the limits on how much you need to learn in order for your business to progress.

2) Generate Leads

In order for your business to grow, you will need new potential customers as well as keep the old ones. Leads are those potential clients who will likely hire you for a painting job. There are lead providers and groups that can help you grow your business if you prefer that route. However, if you want to generate the leads on your own, you may do so by developing your strategies. The best way to generate more leads is by building a professional website for your company. Create informative contents that can educate your subscribers and send them newsletters for continuous connection. It will help your old clients remember your service and recommend you to other potential clients. Balance your online presence with outbound marketing. Consider distributing leaflets and flyers to attract new clients. Every once in a while, offer discounts and make sure that you include these special offers in your online and outbound marketing. Before starting on a painting job, ask your client’s permission to place your company’s signage in their front yard. House painting usually takes several days and this is an opportunity for you to improve your company’s presence in the neighborhood. Also, take advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to maximize your reach.

3) Focus on Marketing

The profit of your home painting business is acquired by providing the service but for your company to grow, you need to spend time on marketing. If you do the job yourself or spend so much time on job sites, consider cutting a few hours so that you can allot extra hours to focus on marketing your business. If you pay another worker to do your job while you’re selling your service, you will be able to make more money by getting more projects. Some smaller home painting businesses only focus on the actual job itself and they tend to neglect marketing their business. Although you will get the payment from the service that you provided, it is not where the real money is coming from. By focusing on marketing, you will be able to create more jobs for your present employees, provide contractual jobs for other workers, and create more profit for your business.

4) Increase Sales

Create a powerful buying vision that illustrates the services that you offer, who need the services, and what’s in it for your client if they avail of the service. Incorporate this vision statement in your website and other marketing tools that you use to promote your business. A powerful buying vision makes your brand memorable and will set it apart from your competition. From your buying vision, you can also create talking points that you can deliver when speaking to prospective clients. To increase your sales and chances to be considered by your leads, build a portfolio that you can post online as well as carry with you whenever you’re selling the service. Chronicle your work so that you can have samples that you can show to your potential clients. The majority of clients select a home painting contractor based on the finished projects that they see in photos or videos. A portfolio is an important asset that represents your business and the quality of service that you provide.

5) Balance your Marketing and Sales

Marketing can bring you more leads but not all leads can turn into sales. It is important that you balance your marketing and sales, otherwise, you will have more prospects but no actual client or more clients but not enough time to deliver the service. If you are getting more sales, then you can reduce the time that you spend on marketing and focus on delivering quality service. However, if your leads are considerably higher than your sales, then it’s time to sort your leads. Classify your leads into three categories, those who are unfamiliar with your service, those who are familiar with your service, and those who expressed interest in your service. Turn these leads into sales by reaching out to them using different strategies depending on their category. Send insightful emails to those who are not familiar with your business to educate them about the service that you provide. For those who are already familiar with your business, aside from sending insightful emails, you can contact them through phone calls to discuss why they need the service and what’s in it for them if they hire you for the job. For those who have expressed their interest in your company and services, you can offer them a limited discount that they can not decline and schedule an in-person meeting to discuss estimates.

6) Keeping Momentum

Increased sales is a clear indication of a growing business, but keeping the momentum is also vital for your growing business. Ensure that your operations go smoothly by providing a clear mission statement that will serve as a guide for everyone in the company. Home painting can be a monotonous business. That’s why it is important that everyone is reminded of the company’s mission in order to deliver quality all the time. For more information on how to help build out your business with a painting software, contact us at https://paintingestimatingsoftware.com/

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